Mr. Sanchai receiving “The Best Archival Project of the Region” on behalf of Save Myanmar Film Team

In June 2019, as a huge success milestone as well as the first ever prize for Save Myanmar Film was awarded during the official opening of the 23rd SEAPAVAA Conference. Save Myanmar Film was awarded as the Best Archival Project in the Region Award for its on-going attempts for preserving documentary heritages in Myanmar: both film and non-film materials, for conducting restoration trainings/workshops, and for carrying out the basic urgent procedures with the limited available equipment and facilities despite lack of financial support from the government. Mr.Sanchai from “The Film Archive Organization Thailand” received the prize on behalf of Save Myanmar Film team in Noumea, New Caledonia. After being acknowledged in the South East Asia Archive community as a good archival project, Save Myanmar Film team was very motivated and driven to a higher step as a small organization which is conducting digital restoration of an old classic film.